The 5 Principles in Choosing a LIMS

An image illustrating the principles in choosing Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS).


A Laboratory Information Management System is a software-based solution which supports modern laboratory operations that allows you to maintain samples and data to boost lab productivity. Flexible architecture and data tracking support are its key features. Lab Information Management System aspects have expanded over the years from tracking to enterprise resource planning that handles numerous features of laboratory informatics.

In the evolution of the fourth generation, several organizations wish to enhance or customize their Lab Management Solution to safeguard optimum interoperability with the overall corporate Information System framework. Now, selecting the best LIMS Solution architecture for an organization has become more critical than the successful LIMS implementation and maintenance.

Finally, it's simple to consider what you require now that you have all of the information. The most difficult part is imagining what you will require in the future. Keeping the larger picture in mind can assist you in making the best choices. This is where it can be helpful to invest in a affordable LIMS Software that offers not only solid, out of the box functionality like Revol LIMS which is preconfigured in advance, to meet the demands of the petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare life science, forensic, environmental and testing & calibration industries and to ensure a smooth ride in operations by handling time efficiently and increasing the productivity thereby reducing the cost of implementation and simultaneously increasing the productivity and hence saving time.

A laptop showing the REVOL LIMS software and a button to request a demo


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