Benefits Of Integrating Laboratory Instruments with LIMS

An infographic with icons symbolizing seamless integration and the benefits of integrating laboratory instruments with LIMS.


Technology advancement has led to hike in data volumes in modernized laboratories. This data excess is a time for enhancing innovation and granting for timely and efficient decisions. However, huge amounts of data can lead to new challenges. This is true especially for data management and processing.

In order to meet the threat of turning this data into knowledge, laboratories are looking to automate and integrate lab activities and procedures as much as possible. The solution is Integrating laboratory instruments with Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS).

Instruments that are commonly integrated with Laboratory Information Management System Software in laboratories include GC, GCMS, HPLC, LCMS, ICP, Particle Counters, DNA Sequencers, Balances, Titrators, and AA Analyzers.

A laptop showing the REVOL LIMS software and a button to request a demo